7U (Rookie Minor) (Hanover Minor Baseball)

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Children born in 2017-2018

The 7U program emphasizes participation, enjoyment and skill development.  Our program is designed to give all players equal training and playing time, so that development can take place in an atmosphere that encourages involvement.  It teaches players to enjoy participating within the rules of the game, using skills they learn over time. HMBA runs a program once a week, your child will be part of a team of 12 (max) players.  After July 6th teams will participate in six games against local centres (potentially Walkerton, Mount Forest and Howick).  Once games begin, there is the small chance a team will play twice during the week.  This division uses the pitching machine, which throws the straight balls across the plate.  Players have five tries to hit the ball,  Every batter puts the ball into play, after five strikes the batter may hit off a tee.  Parent involvement is crucial in having a successful 7U program.

Travel to local communities.